February 26, 2020 | watsimp

The lure of a big employer brand



Some years ago when I worked for a technology MNC in India, I met an uncle at a wedding. He asked me where I worked. With great pride I told him where I worked and how it is one of the best companies in the world to work for. He was completely unimpressed and had just one question. Didn’t you get a job at *** (a local Indian software services company)? I was stunned into silence.

Most of us have encountered the situation where the company we work for is an important social question, especially in India.

The social pressure to work for a recognized brand is high. Your friends aspire to work for a brand and you feel that you should to. Your family feels proud when you work for a big brand.

However, many times, brand recognition is a result of heavy advertising or media coverage and may not reflect what you really want to be part of.

When you want to work for a well recognized brand, think about what you are really looking for-

Is it-

  • the mission of the company and what they do
  • the kind of work you will get to do there
  • the kind of talent they have
  • the benefits they offer

If it is any of the above, then you are looking for much more than the brand. Dig deeper to discover more before you sign up.

Is it the name of the company that will look good on your resume?

Then go for it with your eyes wide open. Be realistic about what you are getting into.

Companies work hard and spend a lot of effort and time to create a brand that is attractive to their potential employees.

You too need to be clear about your want!

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