About watsimp

watsimp is founded to help companies and people focus on what is important. Our unique methodology backed by artificial intelligence identifies what is important and creates a customized leader and manager coaching that ensures results.

Our purpose is to help companies and people Find, Focus & Fuel their energy and effort to improve engagement and build leader and manager capability.

The Story of Us

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    Everyday all of us are bombarded with ideas, advice & information about how we can make our companies and lives better. Much of this is conflicting. Excess information often causes a “choice overload” that makes us freeze and take no action or worse, wrong action.

  • watsimp creates products and services that help companies and people focus on what is important using artificial intelligence to create customized leader and manager coaching.

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    Through our AI powered “Coaching Engine” we help companies continuously align and develop their leaders and managers in the context of the organization creating outstanding results.

Engagement and Culture Transformation starts here!