Forget everything you know about Engagement & Culture!

Discover AI based measuring & coaching that will change the way you create engagement and culture

Why watsimp

watsimp helps companies focus on what is important. It's where companies go to measure, understand and continuously improve employee engagement and culture. Essentially, we help companies and people to “Do What Matters”

  • find


    watsimp identifies what is important to your employees and how you are doing on engagement dimensions that are important. We make every employee’s voice count.

  • Focus

    watsimp brings razor sharp focus to what you need to improve and how you can improve it. Our unique methodology separates the signal from the noise and helps the company align action to improving what is important.

  • Fuel


    watsimp fuels real change. From leaders to managers, everyone improves what is important through collective action. Our AI powered “Coaching Engine” creates customized coaching for every leader and manager.

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